Kensal Park Soccer Club was established Oct.14 1979 by Ben Holtslag (President), Tony Witkamp (Treasurer) and Ed Bross (General Manager).

Ed Bross asked the principal of St. Albert School (currently known as Frere Andre French Immersion School on Baseline Rd.W. in London) to use school gym for soccer practice on Saturday mornings for children in the neighborhood. Ed Bross and the principal of the school believed that children playing some sort of sports are healthier and learn so much easier in school and also get kids off the street and into a constructive setting. Ben Holtslag and Tony Witkamp joined Ed Bross and formed a club called Kensal Park Soccer Club.

Sixteen boys joined on the first Saturday of November 1979 and George McGuggan and Charlie Spence who are very sports minded also joined as coaches. Most of boys never or very seldom played the game of soccer but they performed well and adapted themselves to the game. By the end of December, there were about 40 boys and the club have decided to have girls in the club as well. Sixteen girls joined in January 1980 and they had the desire to play as a team in the summer of 1980.

The executives contacted the London and District Youth Soccer Association (currently known as EMSA) and were allowed to form a league under Karl Schwartz of Byron. The league was called the South West London Soccer Association. Members included Southwest Optimist, Byron Optimist, Kensal Park, Lambeth and Delaware.

The first season, under the banner of South West London Soccer Association, got under way on May 11, 1980 and the Kensal Park Soccer Club entered 3 teams - 2 boys and 1 girls teams. The first season was very successful.
Peewee boys team won the League Championship and went on to win the London and District Soccer Association Championship. Mosquito boys team finished as League Runner up and the Mosquito girls team won the League Championship as well as the London and District Soccer Association Championship.
Our first sponsors were Kensal Rental for Mosquito girls, Ruppe Travel for Peewee boys and Rus Insurance for Mosquito boys.

"Now you know the story".

We have youth indoor and outdoor programs for boys and girls,
A League of Our Own for players with Down Syndrome, ASD and learning disabilities. We have started leagues for adults in 2005.
Today, we have Sunday and Friday Women's recreational leagueMen’s recreational League (2008) and started Adult co-ed league in 2014 season.